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Wolf Viewing at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre Golden BC
Black Bears Are Often Seen Around Golden, BC
Deer can often be seen from Mount 7 Lodges
Deer in the Wintertime at Mount 7 Lodges
Boo at the Grizzly Bear Refuge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort


Sightings of bears, deer, elk, moose, long horn sheep and coyotes are common in the area. A quiet evening or early morning on the deck of your lodge may offer you a chance to see some of the local wildlife (our personal favourites being golden eagles, mule deer and black bears) and there are many other local areas where you can sit with a pair of binoculars and admire nature at its best for hours.

Bear sightings are more likely in spring and fall and we can tell you on which local roads you might see one or more.

For more guaranteed sightings, you can take a buffalo ranch tour, visit the local wolf centre or the grizzly bear refuge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

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