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Rates are calculated automatically when booking online.


Please use our online booking system to calculate the cost for your stay.


Take advantage of our discounts and special offers as shown below:

Extended Stay Discounts

Extended Stay


  • Stay 7 nights for the price of 6.
  • Extended stay discounts are calculated automatically when you book online

Eagle Lodge 1 to 4 Person Reduced Occupancy Rates

Eagle Lodge 1-4 Person


  • Reductions for 1 to 4 person occupancy in the Eagle Lodge
  • Reduced occupancy rates in the Eagle Lodge are based on a 2 bedroom rate
  • Guests will have access to 2 bedrooms & ensuite bathrooms on the upper floor & the main living area
  • The two bedrooms and bathroom on the lower ground floor will be closed off
  • You will have exclusive use of the lodge
  • Discount codes are listed below and can be used when you book online
  • All discounts are subject to availability and may not be available for all dates
Dates Discount %age Discount Code
Apr 10 to May 18 20% Discount EagleFour20
Oct 1 to Nov 30 20% Discount EagleFour20