At Mount 7 Lodges we are always striving to ensure that our guests have an excellent experience when they stay with us.

In 2022 we are undergoing some construction work to build a new lodge which will open later this year.

We are working closely with the builders to ensure that we do our best to minimize the impact on our existing guests. Inevitably there will be some periods where noise is happening that cannot be avoided and we want to communicate with our guests to ensure that you know what to expect.

From April 12, 2022 until the end of May 2022 we will be doing the initial site work, foundation and exterior build. From June 1 to the end of September a lot of the work will be inside the new building, although there will be times when outside work is required.

All work will be done Monday to Thursday from 7am to 5pm each day.

Where possible noise will be minimized from 7am to 9am, but there will be days where this is not possible.

The new lodge is a good distance away from our existing lodges:

  • 100 yds from Deer Lodge
  • 100 yds from Bear Lodge
  • 300 yds from Eagle Lodge

There is a lot of tree cover between the building site and the lodge you are staying in which offers additional noise protection. From previous experience, we know that a lot of noise on the property cannot be heard from inside your lodge.

The new lodge location is not in the view of any of the existing lodges and so the view from your lodge is not affected.  The new lodge location is also nearer the entrance than any of the existing lodges, so any construction traffic will not come past your lodge.

Please see the attached aerial view which shows the property layout and the space you have around your lodge.

We are aware that a lot of accommodation providers would not highlight this to their guests, and a lot of companies would not have control over what is happening on neighbouring properties. We do not want to make this appear to be worse than it is going to be, and we will do everything we can to minimize the impact on your stay.

For many of our guests who are in Golden to enjoy the surrounding area and activities, and then relax in their lodge in the evening, the impact will be minimal. We are also aware that a lot of our guests are from the City, and that our perception of what is noisy is much worse than yours may be!

To follow along with the build and see the new lodge as construction takes place, please click here.

To find out more about the lodge and check availability, please click here.

We look forward to sharing more information about the new lodge in the coming months.