Mount 7 Lodges has been designed as a place of peace and quiet, where our guests can relax on a well deserved vacation.  Each lodge has a private deck with a gas grill and hot tub and seating to allow our guests to take advantage of the amazing views and take time to unwind.

Whilst the lodges are on a large spacious property, noise travels easily in the mountains and we want to ensure that our guests are respectful of other guests, our neighbours and your hosts (we live on the property).

To ensure we can deliver this environment we have some simple rules:

  • No parties
  • No outside music at any time
  • No singing, yelling or hollering
  • Quiet time is 10pm
  • Fire pits (which are available at Eagle Lodge, Bear Lodge & Red Fox Lodge) are designed for small fires between 4pm and 10pm
  • The hot tubs are designed to be used for 15-30 mins at a time.  You can extend your hot tub use to 45 mins, but they are not designed for hanging out in for an extended time.  Extended hot tub use makes the hot tub unsanitary (despite our chemical management) and makes them unusable for our next guests
  • If when planning your vacation the first thing you pack is your beer and your bluetooth speakers, please know that we are likely not the right place for you.
  • We hate accommodations which have rules posted on every wall, so we are sharing this information with you in advance to allow you to make an educated decision about what you are booking.

We want you to enjoy your stay at Mount 7 Lodges and know that you will be left to enjoy yourself if you are being respectful.

If you disturb other guests or the hosts, a verbal warning will be given. If the disturbance continues you will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

We are not a silent retreat! If you can enjoy the company of your friends and family with normal levels of talking and laughter and are respectful of the surrounding people and environment then we are certain you will have a great time.