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Thank you very much for your booking with Mount 7 Lodges.   Important Note:   You have booked the Eagle Lodge 4 person occupancy rate which means you have access to 2 bedrooms and the main floor only.    If they are more than 4 people occupying the lodge, the full rate for the Eagle Lodge will be charged at $460 per night.   If you know in advance they will be more than 4 people please call ahead and we can offer a 10% discount rate at $414.   

Please check the booking confirmation and let us know immediately of any changes or if anything is incorrect.

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Check-in is typically available between 3pm and 9pm.  The lodge will be ready for you by 3pm on the day of arrival. We aim to be in the office for every arrival so please come to the office at the back of the house when you arrive. Should there be no one there, or after 9pm, or if you prefer to go straight to your lodge, please proceed and use the door code provided at the top of this email (the last four digits of your telephone number).

To find the lodges from the office, follow the road to the left behind the hay barns, and then follow the signs for your lodge.

Thanks again for booking with Mount 7 Lodges,

Kind regards
Dave & Jo